Office for the Equal Treatment of EU Workers

Mission and tasks

The Equal Treatment Office aims to support EU citizens in terms of the rights to which they are entitled in Germany under the principle of freedom of movement for workers.

It is therefore focused primarily on EU workers and their family members, as well as specialists working in the existing advisory system.

The Equal Treatment Office’s concrete tasks are:

  • Offering EU workers and their family members independent legal and/or other support in the form of advice or referral to other sources of assistance.
  • Providing information about the right to freedom of movement for workers in the official languages of several EU Member States.
  • Conducting or commissioning independent surveys and analyses, publishing independent reports and making policy recommendations.
  • Promoting dialogue with the social partners and relevant non-governmental organisations.
  • Encouraging cooperation and information-sharing within the existing advisory system in Germany, and serving as a point of contact for all stakeholders active in the context of freedom of movement for workers.
  • Acting as a contact point for equivalent bodies in other Member States.

Further Information