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Contact restrictions to remain in force until 29 June

On 26 May, the Federal Government and states agreed that contact restrictions would remain in force until 29 June. The number of people you come into contact with should be kept as low as possible and the circle of people should remain constant. The regulations in detail:

•    Citizens must generally continue to observe a minimum distance of 1.5 metres; the obligation to wear masks in certain public areas also remains in force. 

•    The mandatory contact restrictions shall remain in force until 29 June. The federal state governments may permit stays in public spaces with up to 10 people or members of two households. 

•    Contact with other people should continue to be kept to a minimum and be restricted to a constant circle of people. 

•    Hygiene and distancing rules should also be implemented for private meetings at home in closed rooms and sufficient ventilation must be provided. If possible, private meetings should be held outdoors as there is a considerably lower risk of infection. It is important that the circle of participants remains traceable. 

•    Nursery and school operations as well as events and meetings, for which an individual hygiene concept is implemented, are regulated separately. 

•    In the event of regional outbreaks, further-reaching contact restrictions may be issued to contain the outbreak and prevent infection spreading beyond the region.

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