Naturalisation? Of course! Paths to German citizenship

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  • Legal and political equality: The German passport gives you legal and political equality with other German citizens. You can play a more active role in shaping social and political coexistence. With a German passport you can take part in all elections in Germany (with other EU citizenship only participation in local elections is possible) and you can also be elected to political office at all State levels.
  • More flexible travel options: According to the „Henley Passport Index“ passport ranking, the German passport ranks second in the world for visa-free entry options to other countries. “Visa-free” as defined by the Henley Passport Index means countries that allow visa-free entry, accept an electronic visa or issue a visa-on-arrival. With a German passport, holiday trips or visits to other countries are therefore generally possible without any complications.
  • Improving professional prospects: With a German passport you can improve your career prospects. Studies prove the positive effects of naturalisation on lifetime income.
  •  Long-term life planning: If you intend to live in Germany for the long term and build a lasting connection, German citizenship can offer stability and security.
  • Protection by German embassies: As a German, you receive protection from German embassies abroad – if you do not also have the citizenship of the country you are visiting.

Have you already thought about naturalisation?

The German citizenship authorities do not require you to give up your previous citizenship. As an EU citizen, you can have a German passport and a passport from your home country.

It may be that your country of origin does not allow multiple citizenship or only in individual cases. This is regulated in the nationality law of the respective EU states.

Find out more about naturalisation and the current requirements on our website .

Find out more details about the intended changes in citizenship law and the legislative process on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Home Affairs .

If you have any questions about naturalisation, our citizen service is also available for you.