Studying in Germany

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Studying in Germany

The range of courses at German universities is very diverse and also gives students from the EU the opportunity to take part in international programs and interdisciplinary courses. Here you can find out how studying in Germany is structured, what paths lead to studying in Germany and what requirements students have to meet in order to live and study in Germany.

1. German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the central point through which every prospective student from abroad can obtain comprehensive information on all aspects of studying in Germany.  

Many courses in Germany are not subject to any admission restrictions. However, there are also subjects that are subject to admission restrictions - the so-called NC (Numerus Clausus). A difference is made between  

  1. the local/regional NC: The study places are allocated directly by the respective university.
  2. the nationwide NC: This applies to courses in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and dentistry. These study places are allocated centrally by the Foundation for University Admissions.  

All questions relating to a semester abroad or a complete study course in Germany are answered on the DAAD website. The website  is available in German and English.

The DAAD has regional offices worldwide with country-specific information in the respective national language. Information is available online on the DAAD EU country pages in most EU languages under the following link :  

The Brazilian regional office page also provides information in Portuguese .

Please note: Please note that the admission procedures for EU citizens are different than for students from third countries. 

2. Further information on studying in Germany

You have the opportunity to find out more about other internet platforms:  

Study in Germany  

“Study in Germany - Land of ideas” is the official campaign of the German Federal government with information about Germany as a study location.

Make-it-in-Germany is the multilingual portal of the Federal government to attract skilled workers from abroad. In addition to information about jobs and life in Germany, brief information on studying and training in Germany is also provided.

Studying in Germany -

The Germany portal - “” provides information on topics such as work, education, travel and society. Studying in Germany is also an important area.