FAQ Working conditions

On what grounds can the works council contest a dismissal?openMinimise
Am I allowed to take holiday leave during the probationary period (Probezeit)?openMinimise
There are sometimes periods of time at work when I can’t do anything because I have to wait for work materials or for work to be assigned to me. Do these periods also count as working time?openMinimise
Do the principles of equal treatment still apply if I am employed by a temporary work agency?openMinimise
I am paid the minimum wage, but my colleague earns twice as much. Is that acceptable?openMinimise
Is an employer allowed to give me a fixed-term employment contract only for the probationary period (Probezeit)?openMinimise
Do I still receive the minimum wage if my boss is not satisfied with my work?openMinimise
Do the provisions of a collective agreement apply to me?openMinimise
When is it valid for employment to be terminated without notice?openMinimise
What does the principle of equal treatment under labour law mean?openMinimise
What do I need to keep in mind during trial employment (Probearbeit)?openMinimise
What happens if I was unable to take holiday leave due to a long illness?openMinimise
What exceptions are there to the rule that the maximum daily working time is 8 hours?openMinimise
What grounds for dismissal are permissible under the Unfair Dismissal Protection Act?openMinimise
What are the potential legal consequences for employers who do not pay the minimum wage?openMinimise
Who enjoys special protection against dismissal, regardless of whether the Unfair Dismissal Protection Act applies?openMinimise
How is compliance with the Minimum Wage Act monitored?openMinimise